ASML Commences Shipment of High NA EUV Lithography Systems to Intel

ASML, a prominent semiconductor equipment manufacturer, has announced the initiation of deliveries for its High NA extreme ultraviolet lithography systems to Intel.
ASML Shipment of High NA EUV Lithography SystemsEach of these machines, boasting a price tag exceeding $300 million, is anticipated to revolutionize chip manufacturing by enabling the production of smaller, speedier semiconductors, Reuters news report said.

The moment was captured as ASML unveiled an image showcasing a segment of the groundbreaking machine departing from its headquarters in Veldhoven, Netherlands. Delicately encased in protective coverings, a striking red ribbon adorned the apparatus, marking the occasion, with the snapshot shared on the X social media platform.

Expressing their enthusiasm, ASML stated, “We’re excited and proud to ship our first High NA EUV system to Intel.”

ASML currently commands a dominant position in the lithography systems market, deploying laser technology to craft the intricate circuitry embedded within chips. The High NA machines, upon assembly surpassing the size of a typical truck, are being transported in a meticulously organized manner – divided into 250 separate crates, including 13 sizable containers. Forecasts suggest their integration into commercial chip manufacturing processes will commence around 2026 or 2027.

Notably, Intel had placed the initial order for the High NA pilot machines back in 2022. Joining Intel in this technological leap are other major players in the chip manufacturing realm, including TSMC, Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron, all of whom have also secured orders for these groundbreaking systems.

ASML had previously informed journalists on November 30th that the company aimed to dispatch the first of the pilot tools before the culmination of the year, further underscoring the monumental advancements in semiconductor technology.