Global Semiconductor Industry Sees Modest Growth in July 2023

Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) reports a 2.3 percent increase in global semiconductor sales for July 2023 compared to June 2023, reaching $43.2 billion. Despite this growth, there is an 11.8 percent decline when compared to July 2022, which had sales of $49.0 billion. These statistics are compiled by the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organization, representing a three-month moving average.
July 2023 Global Semiconductor Sales

Month-on-month semiconductor sale was $11.00 billion (up 6.3 percent) in Americas; $4.73 billion (up 0.5 percent) in Europe; $3.93 billion (down 1.0 percent) in Japan; $12.74 billion (up 2.6 percent) in China; $10.82 billion (up 0.3 percent) in Asia Pacific/All Other.

The SIA, which encompasses 99 percent of the U.S. semiconductor industry by revenue and a significant portion of international chip firms, released these figures today. John Neuffer, the President and CEO of SIA, commented on the state of the semiconductor market.

“The global semiconductor market has experienced modest but steady month-to-month growth this year, with sales increasing for the fourth consecutive month in July. Global sales remain down compared to last year, but the year-to-year decrease in July was the smallest gap of the year to date, providing reason for optimism over the remainder of 2023 and beyond.”

Regionally, the report highlights varying sales trends:

Americas: A 6.3 percent month-to-month increase.

China: A 2.6 percent month-to-month increase.

Europe: A 0.5 percent month-to-month increase.

Asia Pacific/All Other: A 0.3 percent month-to-month increase.

Japan: A slight month-to-month decrease of -1.0 percent.

Year-to-year sales, on the other hand, reveal a more nuanced picture:

Europe: A positive growth of 5.9 percent.

Japan: A decline of -4.3 percent.

Americas: A notable decline of -7.1 percent.

Asia Pacific/All Other: A significant decrease of -16.2 percent.

China: The largest drop, with a -18.7 percent decline in year-to-year sales.

The semiconductor industry, critical to the global technology supply chain, continues to navigate challenges related to supply chain disruptions and the ongoing demand for electronic devices. These sales figures provide insights into the industry’s resilience and potential for recovery in the coming months.