Resonac Announces New R&D Center in Silicon Valley, Aiming to Advance Semiconductor Packaging

Resonac, the prominent Japanese chip materials manufacturer, revealed plans on Wednesday to establish a cutting-edge research and development facility dedicated to advanced semiconductor packaging and materials within Silicon Valley.

Resonac did not reveal financial plans for the expansion.

Recognizing the packaging phase’s increasing significance in driving advancements in chip technology, Resonac’s move aligns with the current momentum. The United States recently initiated a substantial $3 billion program aimed at bolstering its packaging capabilities, underlining the critical role of this stage in chip production.

Formerly known as Showa Denko, Resonac holds a leading position in producing materials essential for packaging, such as films. The company is set to commence operations at its new Silicon Valley center in 2025, signaling a strategic investment toward fostering innovation and technological breakthroughs in chip packaging.

In parallel with Resonac’s initiative, other entities within the Japanese chip sector are actively forging deeper connections with the U.S. market. Rapidus, a foundry venture, is slated to inaugurate a sales office in the U.S. by the culmination of the ongoing financial year, indicative of a broader trend toward enhanced collaboration and presence in the American semiconductor landscape, Reuters news report said.

Driving Force Behind the Expansion

The global semiconductor market is projected to soar past the remarkable benchmark of US$1 trillion by 2030, propelled by the rapid evolution of AI technologies. Generative AI, in particular, has witnessed exponential growth this year.

Notably, Silicon Valley has been the cradle of numerous cutting-edge semiconductor technologies, hosting major players like Intel and NVIDIA. The region has also seen the emergence of GAFAM, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, deploying cloud services that incorporate Generative AI.

The Packaging Solution Center (PSC)

Resonac’s forthcoming Packaging Solution Center (PSC) in Silicon Valley will be dedicated to pioneering advanced semiconductor packaging material technologies. The company’s existing PSC, located in Shin-Kawasaki, Japan, is capable of handling large-sized materials like 300mm wafers and 500mm square panels. These facilities are equipped for intricate processes like laser dicing, fine wiring formation, and other advanced techniques relevant to the latest semiconductor packaging technologies.

The Shin-Kawasaki PSC has served as a pivotal hub for testing, evaluating, and showcasing leading-edge production technologies and materials. Its success has drawn attention from over 150 global companies this year alone. The decision to establish a new PSC in the United States reflects Resonac’s commitment to expand these activities and stay at the forefront of semiconductor innovation.

Real-Time Adaptation and Future Plans

Resonac’s objective with the Silicon Valley-based PSC is to capture real-time trends and the newest concepts in packaging technology, particularly for cutting-edge semiconductors like AI-optimized chips. The company aims to integrate these insights into the development of novel materials that cater to the evolving demands of the semiconductor industry.

Resonac is currently in the process of investigating and preparing the equipment required for the center, with plans to commence operations by 2025.