Samsung faces $303 mn penalty in patent lawsuit vs Netlist

A federal jury in Texas has granted Netlist, a computer memory company, a verdict of over $303 million for Samsung Electronics Co’s infringement of multiple patents related to advancements in data processing.
Samsung ExynosThe jury in Marshall, Texas, after a six-day trial, ruled that Samsung’s memory modules for high-performance computing intentionally violated all five patents claimed by Netlist.

Netlist, headquartered in Irvine, California, sued Samsung in 2021, alleging that its memory products, used in cloud-computing servers and other data-intensive technologies, violated its patents. Netlist claimed that its innovations improve the power efficiency of memory modules and enable users to obtain valuable information from vast amounts of data in a shorter time.

According to a court transcript, a Netlist lawyer told the jury that Samsung had taken its patented module technology after the firms had collaborated on another project. Netlist had requested $404 million in compensation from the jury.

Samsung countered that the patents were invalid and that its technology operated differently from Netlist’s inventions.