Samsung Plans $280 mn Investment in Chip Research Facility in Japan

Samsung Electronics, headquartered in South Korea, has unveiled plans to inject approximately 40 billion yen ($280 million) into a chip packaging research facility in Japan. The city of Yokohama disclosed this development, underlining Samsung’s commitment to advancing chip technologies on foreign soil.
Galaxy S23 from SamsungThis initiative has garnered support from Japan’s industry ministry, which pledged subsidies reaching up to 20 billion yen. The ministry’s backing aims to fortify domestic chip manufacturing, aligning with broader objectives to bolster technological prowess.

Samsung’s substantial investment arrives against a backdrop of relaxed tensions between South Korea and Japan. With the United States advocating for closer collaboration among allies to counter China’s surging technological dominance, this move reflects a strategic alignment of interests.

The chip giant commenced reinforcing its advanced chip packaging division the previous year. In a race to innovate, companies are fervently pursuing advancements in packaging techniques, recognizing the potential to heighten chip performance by integrating components within a singular package.

Kyung Kye-hyun, head of Samsung’s chip business, highlighted that the establishment of the Japanese facility will not only augment Samsung’s influence in the chip sector but also facilitate partnerships with packaging-focused enterprises situated in Yokohama. This revelation came forth within the announcement made by the city administration, signifying a concerted effort to forge alliances in pursuit of technological excellence.