Silicon Box unveils $2 bn foundry to propel adoption of chiplet technology

Singapore-based semiconductor startup Silicon Box has unveiled its semiconductor manufacturing foundry worth $2 billion in the city-state, aiming to accelerate the adoption of cutting-edge chiplet technology.
BE SemiconductorThe recently launched factory, covering an impressive 73,000 square meters, is expected to generate over 1,000 employment opportunities, with strong support from Singapore’s Economic Development Board.

Silicon Box, a startup established just two years ago, was co-founded by the renowned duo behind the U.S. chipmaker Marvell, Sehat Sutardja, and his wife Weili Dai, alongside the current CEO, BJ Han.

The company’s core focus lies in chiplets, which are small chips that can be as tiny as a grain of sand. The revolutionary technology, known as advanced packaging, enables efficient binding of these miniature semiconductors to create a powerful processor capable of driving applications ranging from data centers to everyday household appliances.

With chip manufacturing costs soaring due to the race to develop transistors that can be measured at the atomic level, the global semiconductor industry has increasingly embraced chiplet technology as an effective and cost-efficient solution.

Silicon Box’s CEO, BJ Han, expressed his excitement about the response the company has received from customers even before the factory’s official inauguration. Artificial intelligence firms, in particular, have shown significant interest, driving the demand for chiplet-based solutions. Han revealed that Silicon Box is currently in negotiations to supply chiplets to Tenstorrent, an AI startup based in Canada.

The new advanced semiconductor manufacturing foundry not only reinforces Singapore’s position in the global semiconductor market but also strengthens its commitment to fostering innovation and providing a conducive environment for cutting-edge technology companies to thrive.

Silicon Box’s venture into the chiplet domain holds the potential to reshape the semiconductor landscape and catalyze a new era of efficient and powerful processors that cater to the diverse needs of the modern world. As the company sets out on this groundbreaking journey, the industry eagerly awaits the future contributions of Silicon Box to the semiconductor ecosystem.