SK Hynix and TSMC Collaborate to Advance HBM4 Memory Technology

SK Hynix has entered into an agreement with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to jointly develop next-generation High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) solutions and enhance the integration of logic and memory through advanced packaging techniques. This strategic collaboration aims to drive innovation in HBM technology and pave the way for breakthroughs in memory performance.
SK Hynix chip investment in NANDThe partnership between SK Hynix, a global leader in AI memory solutions, and TSMC, a leading logic foundry, is poised to leverage the strengths of both companies to accelerate the development of HBM4, the sixth generation of the HBM family. Scheduled for mass production starting in 2026, HBM4 is expected to deliver enhanced performance and power efficiency, catering to the evolving demands of AI and other memory-intensive applications.

A key focus of the collaboration will be on optimizing the performance of the base die within the HBM package. The base die, located at the bottom of the HBM stack, plays a crucial role in connecting the memory to the GPU and facilitating data transfer. SK Hynix plans to leverage TSMC’s advanced logic process technology to enhance the functionality of the base die, enabling greater customization and meeting a wider range of customer requirements.

Justin Kim, President and Head of AI Infrastructure at SK Hynix, has expressed optimism about the partnership, highlighting the potential for collaborative innovation in the development of HBM4.

Kevin Zhang, Senior Vice President of TSMC’s Business Development and Overseas Operations Office, and Deputy Co-Chief Operating Officer, underscored the longstanding partnership between TSMC and SK Hynix.