Synopsys and Intel Partner to Expand IP and EDA Pact for Chip Design

Semiconductor chip design tool manufacturer Synopsys and tech giant Intel have revealed their joint effort to enhance their intellectual property (IP) and electronic design automation (EDA) partnership. The collaboration aims to develop a range of IP offerings for Intel’s foundry customers on the Intel 3 and Intel 18A processes.
Intel India businessThe deal encompasses Synopsys-owned intellectual property that serves as readily available components for chip designers, streamlining the design process. Under this agreement, Synopsys will provide a selection of designs optimized to function with Intel’s advanced manufacturing capabilities using the Intel 3 and Intel 18A processes.

Joachim Kunkel, General Manager of the Solutions Group at Synopsys, emphasized the significance of this partnership by stating, “The collaboration with Intel on critical IP development, along with design and system technology optimization, empowers our mutual customers today and in the future to accelerate their next generation of high-performance, AI-enabled designs.”

Stuart Pann, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s IFS (Intel Foundry Services), noted, “Marking another important step in our IDM 2.0 strategy, this transaction will foster a vibrant foundry ecosystem by allowing designers to fully realize the advantages of Intel 3 and Intel 18A process technologies and quickly bring differentiated products to market.”

One notable aspect of Intel’s 18A process is its incorporation of a new generation of transistor design, which promises to further enhance chip performance.

Both companies affirmed that a framework is in place to ensure the availability of this intellectual property for upcoming manufacturing processes. However, specific financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

The partnership holds great significance for Intel Foundry Services (IFS), Intel’s contract manufacturing arm, as it endeavors to establish itself as a credible alternative to semiconductor manufacturing giants such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Samsung Electronics.

Steve Leibson, an analyst at Tirias Research, underscored the importance of the collaboration, stating, “It’s a brick in the foundation for IFS to gain credibility as a top-line, leading-edge semiconductor vendor. If you don’t have Synopsys in your court, you’re really not going to be taken seriously.”

Intel launched Intel Foundry Services in 2021, and its reported revenue for the second quarter of the current year stood at $232 million. This collaborative initiative reflects Intel’s ongoing commitment to strengthening its position in the semiconductor industry and offering cutting-edge solutions to its clients.