TSMC faces cybersecurity incident

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) said that a cybersecurity incident involving one of its IT hardware suppliers has led to the leak of the vendor’s company data.
TSMC semiconductor supplier“TSMC has recently been aware that one of our IT hardware suppliers experienced a cybersecurity incident which led to the leak of information pertinent to server initial setup and configuration,” the company said.

TMSC confirmed in a statement to Reuters that its business operations or customer information were not affected following the cybersecurity incident at its supplier Kinmax.

The TSMC vendor breach is part of a larger trend of significant security incidents affecting various companies and government entities.

Victims range from U.S. government departments, UK’s telecom regulator, to energy giant Shell, all affected since a security flaw was discovered in Progress Software’s MOVEit Transfer product last month.

TSMC said it has cut off data exchange with the affected supplier following the incident.