25% of Android users opted-in to mobile signup ads via Pontiflex AppLeads


Pontiflex, an online signup ad platform, announced that
more than 25 percent of all Android users in the United States have opted-in to
a mobile signup ad via Pontiflex AppLeads. The milestone is proof of the rapid
adoption of signup ads in the mobile advertising marketplace for Android.


Thousands of mobile apps have integrated the Pontiflex
AppLeads SDK to provide in-app, relevant advertising to end users. Mobile app
developers benefiting from the higher CPMs offered by AppLeads include
Atonality Mobile, developer of TuneMe for Android, and Best Cool & Fun
Games, developer of Ant Smasher for Android.


Signup ads enable people to opt-in to hear from the
brands they like without leaving the app. Because of the respectful user
experience more people interact with the ads. By serving signup ads at
non-disruptive points in app usage, Android, as well as iPhone and iPad,
developers are making CPMs 50 – 100 times the industry average return for
mobile advertising. At the same time, they can serve signup ads to build email
and social communities of people downloading their apps.


Thousands of developers communicate with users who signed
up to hear from them with Pontiflex AppLeads to provide feedback for future
versions of applications, to hear more about their new apps, and to beta test
new features.


“We focused on user experience when building
Pontiflex AppLeads,” said Zephrin Lasker, CEO and Co-founder, Pontiflex.


“We are glad we are helping app developers
strengthen their brands with good user experiences while increasing their
revenue to keep their apps free for millions of users,” Lasker added.

The TuneMe app developed by Atonality Mobile records your voice and applies an
effect to it, so that users sound like they are singing perfectly in tune with
a song. By adopting Pontiflex AppLeads, the developer is able to serve relevant
advertising while providing a respectful user experience. Additionally, the
company was able to build a database of app downloaders to beta test new


“The Pontiflex AppLeads technology has helped me
serve compelling offers to my users. That makes for a meaningful experience and
really helps my rating in the Android Market,” said John Hotovy, CEO of
Atonality Mobile.

Ant Smasher by Best Cool & Fun Games is a free app that has a very simple
goal in mind — smash as many ants as possible and avoid the bees. Ant Smasher
is a top 10 Android game that has been downloaded 10 million times.


In order to increase revenue, the developer decided to
diversify their revenue streams. They were already monetizing their apps using
display ads and virtual goods and did not want to displace any existing


A major benefit of signup ads is that they run alongside
existing ad solutions and don’t displace current revenue. Working with
Pontiflex has made the top-grossing Ant Smasher app more profitable, kept it
free for users, and maintained its top ranking in the app store due to the
non-disruptive user experience. After seeing the results, Best Cool & Fun
Games integrated Pontiflex AppLeads on other apps in its portfolio, including
Bunny Shooter.


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]