3D DOCOMO smartphone by Sharp uses Apical assertive display technology

Telecom Lead Team:
Apical announced that series AQUOS PHONE
SH-01D by Sharp, one of the latest smartphones in Japan with DOCOMO, uses
Apical’s Assertive Display technology to optimize the performance of its

handset, which goes on sale in Japan this month for the carrier DOCOMO and
incorporates a 4.5″ HD (1280 x 720) autostereoscopic 3D touchscreen, is
the latest in Sharp’s AQUOS PHONE series.

SH-01D uses Apical’s Assertive Display technology as part of its advanced power
saving and outdoor viewing functions, which are key to optimizing the
performance of the handset for multimedia viewing.

providing a good viewing experience outdoors and saving battery power have been
considered contradictory requirements, even though both are central to
delivering a high quality multimedia experience on a mobile device.

Display by Apical solves both central requirements simultaneously, enabling
multimedia content to be viewed even in bright sunshine on standard displays,
and extending battery life by reducing display power significantly.

have been working with Sharp for several years and were very impressed by the
way in which Sharp was able rapidly to grasp how to use our unique technology.
Sharp has again produced a great product which raises the bar worldwide for
smartphone multimedia performance,” said Michael Tusch, CEO of Apical.

company press release claims that Apical’s Assertive Display is a semiconductor
IP core which adapts multimedia content to the display capabilities under
actual viewing conditions. It takes into account both the screen brightness and
the amount of light in the environment to adjust in real time the appearance of
movies, photos and games for optimal viewability.

leverages a decade’s research and development by Apical into the way the human
eye adapts to changes in the lighting environment to give a seamless and
high-quality experience to the user. The Assertive Display core is integrated
into Sharp’s proprietary media processor.

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