80% smartphones will have stereo 3D cameras and screens by 2015

80 percent of smartphones will have stereo 3D cameras and
screens by 2015. Cameras will enable gesture based controls, advanced augmented
reality applications, and visualization with depth.

As cameras and GPS became mainstays of mobile phones and
tablets, the next must-have feature for mobile devices will be stereovision 3D
(S3D). Smartphones and tablets may not be the only mobile devices to embrace
S3D, according to Jon Peddie Research (JPR).

The demand for mobile devices has exploded creating a
market for over two billion processors.

Over three quarters of a billion smartphones will ship in

Feature and other phones will hit 869 million units in

Almost 300 million tablets will ship in 2016

E-book readers shipments could reach 100 million a year
by 2016

Handheld game consoles will hit 91 million by 2016

To support 3D, processors will need to be powerful.
Processors powering these new mobile devices will be amazing, consuming little
power, built in the latest nanometer technology, and delivering unbelievable
performance and functionality.

Other popular mobile devices like game consoles,
navigation units, portable DVD players, and digital picture frames all use high
resolution screens and sophisticated processors known as systems on a chip

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