90% of Apple users intend to buy Apple device in the future: Vuclip survey

Telecom Lead India: Vuclip said 90 percent of Apple users
intend to buy an Apple device in the future. 60 percent of BlackBerry users
reported a future intention to buy a BlackBerry while 37 percent of consumers
want to buy a Nokia device as their next mobile phone.

Vuclip, which organized the survey, has received
responses from more than a half a million users from 188 countries in February

According to the survey, women care more than men about
the function and design of the mobile phone. Device features are main
consideration for 37 percent of women. Screen size is their most important
consideration. 33 percent of men said their primary consideration is price. 18 percent
women said that price was their top consideration.

32 percent of consumers have no plans to replace their
handsets within the next 12 months. 29 percent of respondents plan to replace
their mobile devices within three months. Those most likely to replace their
handset in this timeframe are users in the under 18 demographic and those 18-25
years old.

“We have a unique ability to capture the thoughts
and preferences of hundreds of thousands of worldwide mobile phone users, on
any given topic, extremely quickly,” said Judith Coley, VP of Marketing
for Vuclip.

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