Amazon and Facebook may seek to buy BlackBerry

Telecom Lead America: BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is considering splitting its business in
two, separating its struggling handset manufacturing division from its
messaging network, The Sunday Times reported. 

In May, RIM hired JP Morgan and RBC Capital to look at its
strategic options.

The report said the smartphone company could break off its
handset division into a separate listed company or sell it.

Potential buyers would include Amazon and Facebook, it
reported, adding that RIM’s messaging network could also be sold, or opened up
to rivals such as Apple and Google to generate income.

An alternative option would be to keep the company together
but sell a stake to a larger technology firm such as Microsoft.

RIM said in a statement that it continued to believe the
best way to drive shareholder value was to execute its turnaround plan.

Last year, it held numerous takeover discussions with
potential buyers ranging from Amazon and Microsoft Corp to private equity
firms, sources have previously told Reuters. But those talks never resulted in
an M&A transaction under former co-chief executives Mike Lazaridis and Jim

In Motion set to restore market position with new strategy changes

In order to reboot its dwindling sales and refocus its
efforts in the global smart phone market, RIM will chart out new strategies
under the leadership of new CEO, Thorsten Heins.

RIM will try to revitalize its dipping sales in developed
market. The company is already facing stiff competition from Apple and
companies using Android platform.

In Motion forecasts Q1 loss, layoffs, cost reduction on cards

The BlackBerry smartphone maker expects to post operating
loss for the second-straight quarter, due to on-going competitive environment,
which is impacting its business.

The company will review its organizational structure and
clearly define accountabilities for all key businesses. Furthermore, RIM will
lay off a large number of employees this year along with some major cost

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