App usage and purchase intentions vary among iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users

There are key differences in app usage and purchase
intentions among smartphone owners. Further, occupation and income appear to be
factors, according to Prosper Mobile Insights.

The most popular devices among Adults 18+ are
Android/Droid phones (16.5 percent), iPhones (13.3 percent) and BlackBerry
devices (12.2 percent), and each Smartphone Owner is unique.

The majority of each of these Smartphone Owners downloads
apps to a mobile device. iPhone (85.0 percent) and Droid (84.0 percent) Owners
are the most likely to download apps, followed by BlackBerry Owners (59.5
percent). Overall, games are the most popular type of app used on smartphones,
followed by social media and radio apps.

Apps Used on Smartphones (by iPhone, Droid and BlackBerry
Owners) Games: 76.1 percent, Social Media: 58.2 percent, Radio: 38.1 percent, Movies/TV Shows: 27.8 percent,
Other Entertainment (non-games): 25.7 percent.

Compared to other Smartphone Owners, fewer BlackBerry
Owners (64.0 percent) use game apps. iPhone Owners (82.1 percent) are the most
likely to play games on their phones, followed closely by Droid Owners (79.5
percent). iPhone Owners (38.1 percent) are also very likely to use Movie/TV
Show apps while BlackBerry Owners (24.3 percent) are least likely to use these
entertainment apps.

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