Apple claims that clean energy powers all its facilities

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Apple achieved its goal of powering all of the company’s facilities with renewable energy, a milestone that includes all of its data centers, offices and retail stores in 43 countries, Reuters reported.

The company announced that its nine additional manufacturing partners will power all of their Apple production with 100 percent clean energy, bringing the total number of supplier commitments to 23.

Apple currently has 25 operational renewable energy projects, totaling 626 megawatts of generation capacity, with 286 megawatts of solar PV generation coming online in 2017. It also has 15 more projects in construction. Once built, over 1.4 gigawatts of clean renewable energy generation will be spread across 11 countries.

Since 2014, all of Apple’s data centers have been powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

Apple’s renewable energy projects

# Apple Park, its new headquarters in Cupertino

# Over 485 megawatts of wind and solar projects across six provinces of China to address manufacturing emissions

# Apple plans to build 400,000-square-foot, data center in Waukee, Iowa, that will run entirely on renewable energy

# In Prineville, Oregon, the company signed a 200-megawatt power purchase agreement for an Oregon wind farm

# In Reno, Nevada, Apple created a partnership with NV Energy, and developed four projects totaling 320 megawatts of solar PV generation

# In Japan, Apple will install over 300 rooftop solar systems that will generate 18,000 megawatt-hours of clean energy every year

# Apple’s data center in Maiden, North Carolina, is supported by projects that generate 244 million kilowatt-hours of renewable energy per year
# In Singapore, Apple adapted and built its renewable energy on 800 rooftops

# Apple is constructing two new data centers in Denmark that will run on 100 percent renewable energy

Apple also announced that 23 of its suppliers are now committed to operating on 100 percent renewable energy, including nine new suppliers.