Apple may shift iPad production to India from China

Apple has started negotiations with India to bring some of the iPad production to the country from China, CNBC report said.
Apple storeApple announced earlier this year it had begun assembling its iPhone 14 in India. The US-based tech giant has been producing the older models of the iPhone in the country for a few years.

Apple has generated sales of $29.29 billion ($31.86 billion) from its iPad business during the 12 months ended September 25, 2021. Apple does not disclose the number of iPads sold.

Meanwhile, Apple supplier Foxconn expects its COVID-hit Zhengzhou plant in China to resume full production around late December to early January, after worker unrest last month disrupted the world’s biggest iPhone factory.

The world’s largest contract electronics maker said revenue in November fell 11.4 percent year on year reflecting production problems related to COVID-19 controls at the major iPhone factory.