Apple reveals salary of CEO Tim Cook for fiscal 2023

iPhone maker Apple has revealed the annual salary of its Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook for the fiscal 2022 and 2023.
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Tim Cook’s pay package for the fiscal 2023 year is expected to be smaller than last year and depend more on how well the iPhone maker’s shares perform relative to market peers, regulatory filings showed.

Tim Cook’s compensation for the fiscal 2022 year ended September was $99.4 million, slightly higher than the $98.7 million he received the previous year.

For 2023, Tim Cook’s compensation target was set at $49 million, more than 40 percent lower than his 2022 pay. Apple made the changes after 64 percent of shareholders approved Tim Cook’s pay package at its annual meeting last year, down from 94.9 percent the previous year.

The biggest change came in Tim Cook’s stock awards.

For fiscal 2022, Apple granted him $75 million in stock awards, half of which were based on how well Apple’s shares performed. For fiscal 2023, Tim Cook’s stock award target was reduced to $40 million, with $30 million of the total depending on share performance.

If Apple’s shares hit performance thresholds, the $30 million in performance awards could double to at least $60 million.