Apple to set up research center in Indonesia

Apple Watch
US-based technology firm, Apple Inc., plans to establish a research and development (R&D) centre in Indonesia, a minister said here on Friday.

The company’s management officers came into Indonesia and held talks with the government over the plan, Xinhua quoted Indonesian Information and Communication Minister Rudiantara as saying.

The minister said Apple Inc. has successfully developed such a plan in Brazil and wants to do so in Indonesia.

“Apple officers proposed the investment model in Brazil to be implemented in Indonesia. They plan to build R & D centre in Indonesia,” he said at Graha XL building.

Rudiantara said further discussion with Apple will be conducted over the local content requirement.

Indonesian President Joko Widdo has scrambled to invite more foreign investors into the country by easing rules and improving investment climate.

Indonesia is home to over 250 million populations with growing middle class and emerging wealth, making it one of the world’s biggest markets.