Asian telecom markets are key areas for Motorola smartphones

Telecom Lead @ GSMA MOBILE ASIA EXPO 2012: The Asian
market will be important to Motorola as the smartphone sector becomes
increasingly competitive in the region.

Asia Pacific in general is a very strong market
segment,” said Bin Shen, Motorola VP for international product management.

Motorola recently re-entered the Japanese market with the first 4G CDMA and
WiMAX smartphone and has made significant R&D investment in South Korea.

Motorola is trying to grow in Singapore, South East Asia,
etc as the growth in these regions is pretty high.

China is a particular focus for the company, where it has a very strong brand
awareness, after being the first vendor to launch an Android-powered handset
tailored to the Chinese market in 2009.

The popularity of Android in China means the recent US$12.5 billion acquisition
of Motorola by Google should be a good fit.

We continue to think China is a very exciting
opportunity in the smartphone area. China is an important country for Google as
well,” Shen added.

With many local OEMs making an impact as well as foreign companies, competition
has increased.

Competition is much heavier, certainly from two years
ago, so there are a lot of interesting dynamics. You can see some Chinese OEMs
creating smartphones but also there are some new entrants, like mobile internet
companies,” Shen told

Motorola’s commitment to China extends to working closely
with China Mobile in the use of TD-SCDMA 3G technology.

We are very supportive of TD-SCDMA – we were the first
company to introduce the Android TD-SCDMA smartphone back in January 2010 and
we continue to introduce our flagship smartphones in the TD-SCDMA area,” Shen

Shen feels low-end smartphones will soon take market share from feature phones
in Asia, with the market seeing heavy competition in the next few years. Most
low-cost smartphones are being driven Asia, particularly China, and I think
that’s very distinct from the US market particularly,” he said.

Cheaper smartphones will bring social benefits, especially with Asia’s young
population and the greater importance of mobile internet.

I think that’s a very important social contribution that
the smartphone industry can deliver – I think that would drive a lot of growth
there,” he said.

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