AT&T in pact with Juniper Networks for mobile device security platform





AT&T announced that it is investing in a new mobile security platform. It will allow customers to better protect their devices against security threats.  





AT&T has executed an agreement with Juniper Networks to deliver this security capability and additional services based on the platform in the future. This new agreement is part of AT&T’s mobile security strategy to manage and protect smartphones and customer information.





AT&T’s strategy which is distinguished from other approaches to mobile security is to provide a comprehensive security solution that will integrate wireline and wireless security policies for consumer, enterprise and government customers.





The first phase of the platform the AT&T Mobile Security application is expected to be available later this year and is based on the Juniper Networks Junos Pulse solution.





The AT&T Mobile Security application will help businesses and organizations to maintain compliance with government regulations, enforce security policies, manage personal or enterprise-owned devices and enable anti-virus, anti-malware, and application monitoring and control.





The AT&T Mobile Security application will also help consumers to protect mobile devices with anti-virus, anti-malware, and application monitoring and control.





“Enterprises drive employee productivity by anytime access to network resources, but the implications of data loss and malware proliferation creates real concerns for enterprise IT security. AT&T’s vision and approach to mobile security is the right one at the right time,” said Christine Liebert, senior analyst for Security Services at IDC.





AT&T is offering enterprises the ability to remotely remove or encrypt data on mobile devices and to have this function centrally administered. This should help businesses control what type of data can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, one of the biggest enterprise security risks.





“Mobile security is the ‘next frontier’ for our continued effort to mitigate cyber-threats and to help protect our customers’ information,” said Ed Amoroso, chief security officer, AT&T.





“With the help of Juniper Networks and the power of AT&T Labs and the AT&T Mobility Security Research Center behind us, we’ll be able to deliver new security capabilities to provide peace of mind to companies and consumers alike,” Amoroso added.





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