BSNL unveils 3G pocket Wi-Fi Router to drive 3G penetration

Telecom Lead India: To increase its 3G subscribers, BSNL
has roped in Shyam Networks, a communications solutions provider, to launch
WINKNET Mf50 3G pocket router under a reverse bundling arrangement.

The launch is in line with BSNL’s target to increase its
3G subscriber base under NTP 2012. Having 3G networks rolled-out in more than
960 cities across the country, BSNL claims that it is providing 3G services at
one-third rate in comparison with the nearest competitor.

BSNL customers can buy Mf50 3G pocket router for Rs
5,800. The router works as a mobile hotspot device, supporting
GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA/HSPA and provides internet connection with the USB interface of
a computer or Wi-Fi to clients.

The new pocket router will be available to the 15 circles
of the country, including 3 circles in South zone and West zone each.

Nafis Kazim, executive VP of Shyam Networks said that
Winknet is positioned as a networking and connectivity product for mass market
and there was growing demand for broadband. The Mf50 pocket router will help
towards providing seamless broadband connectivity.

Winknet MF 50, 3G pocket router, will be a SIM locked
router and will converts the data signal connection to WiFi, allowing minimum
five users simultaneously to connect their WiFi enabled devices with a
downloading speed of 14.4 Mbps and 5.76 of uploading speed.

While speaking on 3G networks, R.K Upadhyay, CMD of BSNL
said, BSNL is the only provider to cover North-Eastern states of the country,
along with Andaman& Nikobar and Lakshadweep through satellite links.
 BSNL will provide 3G services to over 265000 village (gram)
panchayats in the country.”

The operator said that through its wireless 3G
connections, it is trying to tap the rural region of the country, where ADSL
and ADSL+ connectivity is not available. However, this new pocket router will
be focused on the premium customers of the operator.

Furthermore, BSNL said that it has enabled all BSNL 2G
subscribers to avail 3G service. All 2G subscribers can now avail 3G services
simply by activating data services of their choice.

Earlier, both companies joined forces to launch WINKNET
3G dongle for Rs 1,900 in Uttar Pradesh.


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