China Telecom launches Motorola RAZR V XT889 and MOTOSMART MIX XT553

Telecom Lead Asia: China Telecom has launched Motorola
Mobility’s RAZR V XT889 and MOTOSMART MIX XT553.

Motorola Mobility and China Telecom launched these phones
at the 2012 Tianyi (E-Surfing) 3G Handset Trade Fair & Mobile Internet

The Motorola RAZR V XT889 is an Android 4.0-powered

MOTOSMART MIX XT553 is a CDMA/GSM dual-mode/dual-standby
music smartphone. It features e-Surfing iMusic and Sina Micro Music

It’s great to be collaborating with China Telecom once again to launch these
two amazing smartphones.  Motorola RAZR V XT889 is a sleek sidekick that
delivers great value for money. It’s tough and smart, and has software tools
that will make your life simpler from morning to night. MOTOSMART MIX XT553 is
the perfect phone for young people; giving you all the features you want
without having to switch numbers,” said Frank Meng, senior vice president and
president of Greater China, Motorola Mobility.

RAZR V XT889 features Motorola’s exclusive Smart Actions software.

Motorola RAZR V XT889 has rear-facing 8-megapixel camera
that shoots HD video.

MOTOSMART MIX XT553 is a dual-mode/dual-standby phone
with both EVDO and GSM network support.

It offers exclusive Sina Micro Music application. Mobile
users can use China Telecom’s iMusic application to find and download music.

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