Dai Telecom launches Roadstar 3.5G car phone at CeBIT 2012

Telecom Lead Team at CeBIT 2012: Dai Telecom, a provider
of in-vehicle cellular equipment and services, has launched Roadstar 3.5G, a
3.5 generation car phone.


The new car phone is powered by Telit HE863 cellular
module. It sets new records for vehicle connectivity, opening new opportunities
for a new generation of in-vehicle cellular applications in automatic vehicle
location, GPS navigation, connectivity with telematics terminals and more.


The company claims that the new phone is an important
milestone for Dai Telecom and the in-car communications industry.


Roadstar 3.5G will be introduced at CEBIT trade fair, to
be held in Hanover, Germany from March 6-10, 2012.


With Roadstar 3.5G, users will experience in-vehicle
audio that meets their business and personal needs. The new phone is based on
an innovative technology, combining 3.5G High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) at the
highest level of transmission and reception performance over 900/2100, 850/2100
and 850/1900MHz networks.


The phone, tested under strenuous conditions, comprises
digital signal processor (DSP) for best-in-class audio performance, and
advanced embedded GPS chipset for navigation and fleet management applications.
The navigation is provided with voice and visual turn-by-turn instructions fed
by real time traffic updates.


With automatic vehicle location, the Roadstar 3.5G can
provide car fleet managers with total visibility of the fleet with past and
current vehicle location tracking reports. It has the option of geofencing,
limiting employees to a specific geographic location by tracking their location
via GPS.


Roadstar 3.5G’s high resolution display shows large fonts
for easy reading, with backlight and contrast settings for day/night use.
Oversized keyboard and one-touch access to GPS applications make the Roadstar
extremely easy to use, even while driving.

“Dai Telecom is committed to providing the most
advanced in-vehicle phones at an affordable cost, leveraging its expertise in
the development of cost-effective, high-quality cellular equipment and
services,” said Yossi Lovton, Dai Telecom‘s


Roadstar 3.5G allows cost-saving limitation of phone
numbers using Fixed Dialing Numbers (FDN), restricting outgoing calls to only
listed numbers. Additional features include over the air phone book
synchronization with the user’s Google contact list, and built-in language
option allowing the user to choose between English, German, French, Dutch,
Spanish and Russian.


Intel Capital floats $100 million fund to accelerate technology
innovation in auto industry


Intel Capital is creating a $100 million investment fund
to accelerate the adoption of technology and services in the automotive


The $100 million will be invested globally over the next
4 to 5 years in hardware, software and services companies developing
technologies to promote in-vehicle applications.


The Intel Capital Connected Car Fund will enable the
seamless connection between vehicles and any connected device, including mobile
devices and sensors.


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