Desire to buy Apple iPhone wanes in China by 12%

Telecom Lead Asia: Desire to buy Apple iPhone has decreased in China by 12 percent, according to TrendForce and AVANTI Research partners.

Apple’s brand recognition has increased from 35.2 percent to 80.4 percent.

However, desire to purchase the iPhone has decreased by 12 percent since the second quarter. This is due to the iPhone’s relatively high retail price and inability to work with China’s largest telecom, its strong brand image has been unable to stimulate purchase desire.

Samsung, whose brand recognition was around 60 percent last year, close behind Apple, has seen an increase to 74.1 percent due to the release of many new models and heavy advertising.

Samsung’s brand image remains weaker than the iPhone.

Samsung’s purchase desire has increased by 5.6 percent compared to the second quarter.

Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi is catching up to Samsung. Lenovo will see strong smartphone shipments, and may pose a threat to Samsung’s position in the Chinese smartphone market in 2013.

Xiaomi Brand Shows Strong Market Potential, Lenovo Catching Up to Samsung with Channel Advantage

A survey said Chinese smartphone brands are experiencing rapid growth as a result of cost and software advantages.

TrendForce forecasts Chinese smartphone brands will account for 34 percent of global smartphone shipments in 2013, up from 28 percent in 2012.

Meanwhile, thanks to Apple, South Korean panel suppliers in September defied a decline in the overall small and medium-sized (SMD) display market with a robust 9 percent expansion in shipments compared to August.

SMD panel shipments from South Korean suppliers Samsung Display and LG Display amounted to 48 million units in September, up from 44 million units a month earlier, according to an HIS. The combined panel shipments from a rival contingent comprising six Taiwanese suppliers declined 3 percent during the same time, down to 166.8 million units from 172.3 million units.

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