Ericsson launches Smartphone Network Optimization solution at MWC 2012

By Telecom Lead Team: The growth of smartphones, triggered by the need for
constant mobile connectivity, is presenting a number of revenue opportunities
for providers, but operators also face challenge mainly because of the high
level of data traffic that leads to network congestion.

To help operators in this regard, Ericsson announced its
Smartphone Network Optimization package for operators. The announcement was
made at the Mobile World Congress, 2012, Barcelona, Spain.

“With Smartphone Network Optimization, we work with the
operator to proactively plan for smartphone introduction and network expansion
to achieve a network design and evolution that provides the best possible
network performance – while maintaining cost efficiency,” said Eva
Elmstedt, vice president and head of Product Related Services at Ericsson.

network performance is essential for operators to attract and retain smartphone
subscribers,” Elmstedt added.

A recent Ericsson ConsumerLab
report shows that faster connection speed is the main factor that would cause
advanced mobile broadband users in the US to increase their use of data
services. Overall, 46 percent of such users cited this reason, saying they
wanted shorter waiting times while browsing. Other major factors that will
contribute for greater data usage include longer battery life and better
network coverage.

The Smartphone Network Optimization solution will result in an
optimized network and would address all three of these top factors.

Working with leading operators in smartphone-centric markets,
Ericsson has established substantial experience, capabilities and tools. The company
offers a wide array of services including smartphone and mobile broadband
audits, border optimization, capacity planning, and radio and transport

Ericsson currently manages networks serving more than 900
million subscribers, the majority of whom are served through the company’s
global networks operations centers.

unveils new high-capacity Evolved Packet Gateway app

Ericsson also announced the launch of its Evolved Packet
Gateway (EPG) application that boasts higher capacity than any other mobile
packet gateway on the market. The Evolved Packet Gateway application, designed
to be used with the SSR 8020, offers an order of magnitude higher capacity than
the nearest competitor. The SSR 8000 family of Smart Services Routers is the
next generation platform from Ericsson.

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