Ericsson powers eSIM activation in Samsung Galaxy S20

Ericsson said its entitlement server solution for on-device eSIM subscription activation is powering Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip.
The Ericsson solution enables consumers to remotely activate and manage their eSIM phones with a few clicks. Service providers can use the Ericsson eSIM solution, launched in January 2020, to enhance their customers’ digital experience through automated eSIM subscription management.

The launch of the Samsung S20 range of smartphones with eSIM support will propel shipments of eSIM enabled smartphones to over 225 million in 2020, according to Phil Sealy, research director at ABI Research.

Ericsson’s eSIM solution includes Ericsson Secure Entitlement Server and the Ericsson eSIM manager (SM-DP+ server, Subscription Management Data Provisioning). The Ericsson Secure Entitlement Server enables on-device eSIM subscription activation for smartphones without using QR codes while the Ericsson eSIM Manager provides automated device and subscription orchestration.

Ericsson is in the process of deploying the eSIM solution with several service providers, says Monica Zethzon, head of Solution Area Communication Services at Ericsson.

Based on a continuation of eSIM support from Apple, Google, and Samsung, plus the eSIM expansion by Samsung into other device ranges and several other OEMs launching flagship eSIM enabled devices, ABI Research expects a minimum of 500 million eSIM capable smartphones to ship globally in 2024.

ABI Research said there is no operator to date exclusively supporting eSIM. At the same time, many operators are not yet eSIM ready.

The main benefit of embedded SIMs (eSIMs) in mobile devices is that it enables mobile phone users to manage new subscriptions – or transfer existing ones – to eSIM-enabled devices in seconds without visiting a retail store.