Gigaset unveils cordless phone with social media features


Gigaset Communications announced the launch of the new
Gigaset C610A IP DECT telephone in the United States.


This new hybrid land line telephone includes four
parallel active calls (three VoIP and one PSTN) as well as three built-in
answering machines. Perfect for keeping up with family, friends and clients,
the C610A IP gives you the ability to check your emails and interact with
people using Facebook and Twitter right from the handset.


The C610A IP supports
a room monitoring function where upon detecting a noise, the handset dials
another extension or a pre-determined phone number.  In addition to the
C610A IP, Gigaset is announcing the availability of customized phone Skins from for the following models of Gigaset telephones: C610A IP, SL785, and


The Gigaset system
supports High-Definition Sound Performance (HDSP) using the G.722 CODEC to
deliver exceptional quality audio when calling via the Internet. Up to six VoIP
accounts and six DECT handset registrations can be configured on the system.
Each VoIP account can have a distinctive ring assigned to it. The C610H handset
that comes with the C610A IP system has a 1.8-inch color display, a standard
2.5mm headset jack and storage for up to 150 phone numbers.


Gigaset continues to provide our customers with quality
DECT telephones for the home and small business,” said Tony Stankus, product
and marketing director of Gigaset.


With the availability of the C610A IP, we are delivering
not only high-quality telephones, but also the ability to connect through
Facebook and Twitter. We are also excited to be partnering with to
provide customization for our select Gigaset phones,” Stankus added.


This new hybrid landline/Internet telephone can be
ordered online by consumers from select etailers.


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