Google Android devices add feature to cut 60% storage space

Google has introduced an auto-archive feature on Android devices, which can reduce the storage space taken up by infrequently used apps by up to 60 percent.
Kazakhstan mobile networkSmartphone users can opt in to the tool, which automatically frees up storage space without removing the app from the device or deleting any user data. This can help prevent unnecessary uninstalls and make it easier for users to install new apps, Google said.

The app icon and user data are preserved, and the user can re-download the app and continue where they left off when they want to use it again. The feature is only available for developers using the App Bundle to publish their apps.

If the user chooses to enable auto-archive, unused apps will be partially removed to make space for new apps. Google said that this is an easy way for users to manage their device storage and a great way for developers to reduce the likelihood of their apps being uninstalled.