GPS fleet management provider unveils SageQuest mobile app





SageQuest, a GPS fleet tracking and management provider, has released SageQuest Mobile, an app for Android phones, to give fleet owners and managers real-time access from anywhere to vehicle locations, dashboards, reports and exception alerts.





A full-featured version of SageQuest’s Mobile Control GPS vehicle tracking and management solution, SageQuest Mobile makes anytime access to critical fleet information a reality with no additional costs or set up required for customers.





Unlike SageQuest Mobile, many apps today are overly simplified versions of their desktop counterpart because of a mobile device’s processing capabilities and screen size.





“In the GPS tracking industry, taking discrete data points from an entire fleet and turning it into easily understood information for dispatch and management isn’t easy.But because SageQuest has always focused on delivering insight and not just data, going mobile was easy for us,” said Dennis Abraham, president of SageQuest.





With SageQuest Mobile on their Android phone, customers will be able to: See real-time vehicle location and status; Play back or follow along driver routes; Find the nearest technician for an urgent job;





Validate driver activity with instant insight into any fleet vehicle; Monitor speeding, late starts, excess idling, and vehicle maintenance with real-time alerts; And add new “places” to the map for on-the-go monitoring customer sites, branch offices, warehouses, or employee homes.





Since 2003, SageQuest has helped its customers gain the insight they need to improve field operations, reduce fuel costs, improve service, decrease liability, and raise the bar for employee conduct. Because SageQuest delivers more than dots on a map to customers, it’s just as easy to understand fleet activity from a smart phone as it is from a desktop.





SageQuest has always focused on distilling the data generated by a fleet into concise, easy-to-find and easy-to-use information.





The way SageQuest organize vehicles in the system, map activity, and deliver intuitive reports is just as functional in a mobile environment, giving users the freedom they require without sacrificing access to the real-time information they need.





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