HDTVs second most desired device next to Smartphones in Asia Pacific

Among Chinese respondents, HDTVs were the second most
cited device when considering CE purchase intentions in the next six months,
according to ABI Research.

Smartphones were number one, with nearly 60 percent of
respondents; only 43 percent of respondents were interested in HDTVs. Purchase
intent was similar in South Korea, with smartphones and HDTVs representing the
top two device categories at 47 percent and 22 percent of respondents,

In India, mobile phones (29 percent of respondents),
edged out HDTVs (27 percent of respondents) to take the second position behind
smartphones (35 percent of respondents).

Considering the current economic conditions, developing
markets will continue to serve as key targets by many CE companies.

The maturing North American and Western European
markets, in conjunction with the worldwide economic situation, are making
growth increasingly difficult for many companies. In corroboration of this
view, a considerably higher number of US and Western European respondents
claimed to have no purchase intentions over the next six months. China
continues to hold considerable growth opportunities, but one of the key
challenges for international companies is penetrating a market that tends to
favor domestic brands,” said Jason Blackwell, digital home practice director,
ABI Research.

In terms of HDTV brands favored by Asia Pacific
countries, 50 percent and 46 percent of South Korean respondents (those who
have at least one HDTV) claimed to own Samsung and LG HDTVs, respectively; the
next closest TV manufacturer was Sony at a mere 3 percent.

This trend in sticking to domestic brands was also
mirrored in China, with Changhong, Haier, HiSense, Konka, Skyworth, and TCL
among the top 12 most common HDTV brands owned by respondents.

In India the results were mixed, with Sony, Samsung, LG,
and Philips rounding out the top four brands listed by respondents.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]