HTC revenue up 79 percent to NT$135.82 billion in Q3 2011 bolstered by distribution expansion and China growth


HTC clocked revenue of NT$135.82 billion in Q3 2011, up 79 percent
year-on-year. HTC’s product offerings, distribution network and global brand recognition
have contributed to the significant growth in revenue.


Profit in Q3 2011 was NT $18.68 billion, showing a growth of 68
percent year-on-year. The significant growth in profit was despite 0.6 percent
increase in ASP.


HTC sold 13.2 million smartphones in Q3 2011, registering 93
percent increase from the same period last year.


ASP was US$344, up 0.6 percent year-on-year.


HTC reported top sales growth in China across all regions this
quarter 9x more than its sales volume in the same period last year. HTC aims to
capture early brand preference in China, as smartphone penetration is at an
early stage.


HTC’s retail presence in China is expected to expand, totaling up to
2,000 outlets. A new factory in Taoyuan is scheduled to complete beginning of
next year, which has the potential to increase capacity by up to 40 million
units per year.


HTC will focus on driving economic scale to achieve efficient operating
leverage and a healthy operating margin level.


“We aim to lead the way as the smartphone market continues to
expand and change rapidly,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC.


“We pride ourselves on anticipating market and consumer needs and addressing
them before they are realized. We are growing rapidly and responsibly around
the globe and continue to expand our leadership in new areas, such as LTE,”
Chou added.


Since 2009, HTC has maintained its leadership position in 4G,
developing and shipping more 4G devices than any other company. An LTE device
upgrade cycle is foreseeable in 2012 in both the United States and some
advanced markets in Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong.


In addition to LTE, HTC has invested in delivering innovation to
the entry-level smartphone sector.

HTC Wildfire has become one of the company’s top selling products,
and the newly-launched HTC

Explorer continues to attract first-time smartphone buyers.


By launching new products in Q3, HTC addressed more customers and market segments. Cobranded with
Beats, HTC Sensation XE and HTC Sensation XL offer a studio-quality experience
to consumers. HTC Rhyme bundled a new HTC Sense experience and sleek
accessories to create a lifestyle device.



The company expanded its entry-level offerings by launching HTC
Explorer into emerging markets, such as India, on the heels of HTC Wildfire’s
success. And HTC Titan and HTC Radar were the first smartphones to launch with
the new Windows Phone Mango platform.


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