HTC, Samsung and Blackberry are the most talked about Smartphones in social media in India

Simplify360, a provider of social media analytics, has released a report on
Social Media Insights on Smartphones.

Most of the conversations about smartphones occur in
In India, majority of the mentions came from people in the age group of 26-35
(58 percent) followed by the age group of 18-25 (23 percent).

Among all brands of Smartphone, HTC received the highest buzz with 688 mentions
followed by Samsung with 477 mentions and Blackberry 362 mentions.

Top Smartphone complain is due to low battery life of Smartphone and Blackberry
received the maximum complain about its low battery life.

The attributes that people look for in a Smartphone are long battery life,
decent price, good apps, convenient screen size and good camera. People
associate Smartphone with Android, Internet connectivity, tablet and twitter.

Most of the conversation in India were from Maharashtra followed by Karnataka.
The top city for conversation about smartphones was Mumbai.

Samsung Galaxy Y is associated with cheap yet powerful and being the best
choice for someone with a low budget. However, one complain that Galaxy Y
receives is its small screen which makes typing difficult. A confusion that
people have with Samsung Galaxy note is whether the device is a Smartphone or a
tablet. Nevertheless, people appreciate the device for its innovation.

Blackberry received many negative comments but at the same time, it also
received many positive responses too. Many tips are tweeted. It has been
associated with professional use and has a common association with PIN and
WiFi, etc.

Indian Phone: Micromax
Most of the tweets about Micromax have links and they are more or less
promotional and educational in nature, 86 percent of which are about Micromax
A85. Micromax launches Superfone A85 Android Smartphone for Rs 18,990″ got
many retweets. Micromax Smartphone A85 is associated with India’s cheapest
Android Dual-Core Smartphone.

As smartphones become more and more popular and common,
it is imperative to know what attributes of these phones do people actually
like/ dislike. The idea of the study was to understand consumer’s perception of
various smartphone available in the Indian market today,” said Deep Sherchan,
CMO, InRev Systems.

The total data collected for the research was above 300,000
in various social media sites including microblogs, social networks and blogs

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