Huawei Devices ties up with Wikitude for smartphone application

Huawei Technologies has tied up with Wikitude, creators
of world’s first mobile augmented reality (AR) browser.

Huawei’s Sonic and IDEOS X3 Device will have this
spectacular application loaded in it. With this tie up, Huawei customers can
benefit from this first publicly available application using a location-based
approach to Augmented Reality.

The all new Wikitude World Browser 6.3 for Android is
optimized for the Sonic and IDEOS X3 handsets. The application offers a direct
view of reality in an enhanced way. It displays information about the users’
surroundings through the smartphone’s camera, enabling them to see the reality
with additional computer generated content on top of it.

We are extremely pleased to partner with Wikitude for
this innovative application. The Wikitude World Browser will allow our users to
discover what’s around them in a completely new manner. Huawei who is known for
its innovation always aims to provide the best combination of good design and
superb user experience to its mobile users,” said Anand Narang, marketing
director at Huawei Devices.

Wikitude World Browser 6.3 features more than 2,000 AR
content experiences. These aggregated content datasets add up to more than 150
million points of interest like sights, restaurants, mobile coupons, coffee
shops and WiFi hotspots around the globe. Wikitude allows the users to
customize the home screen according to individual’s lifestyle and preferences.

Wikitude offers more than 2 million Points in India and
approx. 150 million globally.

It is absolutely phenomenal that we were able to engage
with Huawei on optimizing Wikitude for a smartphone with cloud services.
Huawei’s lifestyle oriented devices in combination with Wikitude make Augmented
Reality possible without any compromises. Due to Huawei’s very competitively
priced handsets, Augmented Reality is now available to a much wider audience
than ever before,” said Andy Gstoll, Wikitude’s CMO.

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