Huawei unveils fastest quad-core smartphone Ascend D quad

By Telecom Lead Team: Huawei has unveiled
the fastest quad-core smartphone, the Huawei Ascend D quad at the Mobile World
Congress 2012.

Powered by Huawei’s K3V2 quad-core CPU at
either 1.2 GHz or 1.5 GHz, the Ascend D quad offers more features with an
Android 4.0 operating system and Huawei’s power management system which
provides up to 30 percent in energy savings.

The Ascend D quad series will be available
in China, Australia, Europe, Asia-Pacific, North and South America, and the
Middle East in Q2 2012. The Ascend D1 will be available in the above markets
from April 2012.

Its PPI 330 screen offering crystal clear
display even under direct sunlight, is complemented by its Dolby 5.1 Surround
Sound and Audience earSmart voice technology. Its 8-megapixel BSI rear-facing
camera, 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera, and 1080p full HD video-capture and
playback capabilities enables users to record special moments in richer detail.

The Ascend D quad comes with an 1800mAh
battery, which lasts for one to two days with normal usage. The smartphone’s
prowess is enhanced by Huawei Device’s power management technology which
provides a longer battery life of up to 30 percent compared to industry average
by adjusting power consumption according to usage needs. It ensures higher
chipset performance and efficiency by maintaining a low chip temperature.

In addition to innovative hardware design,
the Ascend D quad also has outstanding software design. In addition to its
Android 4.0 operating system, the Ascend D quad optimizes the user experience,
ensuring greater ease of use.

As part of the Ascend D series, Huawei also
introduced the Ascend D quad XL and the Ascend D1 smartphones. The Ascend D
quad XL comes with a 2500mAh battery, which provides two to three days of
normal usage. With the same specifications as the Ascend D quad, the Ascend D
quad XL measures 10.9 mm slim. The Ascend D1 runs on a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU
and has a 1670mAh battery.

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