Huawei uses Silicon Image’s MHL transmitters in new Ascend smartphone models

By TelecomLead TeamSilicon Image, a provider of wireless and wired HD connectivity solutions, announced
that Huawei’s new line of Ascend smartphones embeds Silicon Image’s SiI9244 MHL

The company said that MHL technology is a rapidly growing HD
audio/video connectivity standard that is playing an instrumental role in how
today’s consumers access content on their mobile devices.

“Mobile device technologies have transformed the way
consumers use their smartphones. We are pleased to be working with Huawei to
integrate MHL technology into their latest smartphones and enhance the user
experience in these new mobile usage models,” said Tim Vehling, vice
president of product marketing at Silicon Image.

The company added that Huawei is helping it to grow the MHL
ecosystem of products that currently includes smartphones, tablets, DTVs,
monitors, and other devices.

MHL technology enables a mobile device to transmit 1080p
uncompressed video with up to eight channels of digital audio to a monitor or
DTV, while charging the phone’s battery while it is connected. Using the
existing connections on the mobile device, DTV or monitor makes it simple for
consumers to “plug and play” their HD content and they are also able
to control MHL-enabled mobile devices using their existing DTV remote.
Manufacturers save on costs since additional ports are not required.

“Our new MHL-enabled smartphones will allow consumers
to get the most potential out of their device, whether it is for
communications, gaming, entertainment or office applications,” said
Shaoyang, CMO of Huawei Device.

Huawei will be showcasing its new Ascend smartphones at
Mobile World Congress, which is being held in Barcelona.

Last month,  Huawei
unveiled the world’s slimmest smartphones –Ascend P1/P1 S at the 2012 Consumer
Electronics Show (CES).

The Huawei Ascend P1/P1 S will be available in Europe,
Asia-Pacific, North America, Australia, Middle East, and China from April 2012.

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