IDC: Xiaomi lost share though India smartphone market grew 9.9% in Q2

India smartphone market grew 9.9 percent year-on-year and 14.8 percent quarter-on-quarter to 36.9 million in Q2 2019, according to IDC.

Xiaomi share in the India smartphone market during Q2 2019 dropped as rival Samsung has enhanced its share. Xiaomi was the only top-five smartphone brand to loss market share at a time when the entire smartphone market showed signs of growth.
Smartphone market share in India Q2 2019India’s total mobile phones shipment reached 69.3 million in India in 2Q19, registering 7.6 percent growth over the previous quarter.

Online channel achieved 12.4 percent growth accounting for 36.8 percent share of the total phone market in Q2 2019. Offline channel registered 8.5 percent growth.

OnePlus led the $400-$600 smartphone price segment with 63.6 percent share at the back of newly launched OnePlus 7 series.

Apple bettered Samsung for the leadership position in the $500+ smartphone price segment with an overall share of 41.2 percent.

The Indian feature mobile phone market declined 26.3 percent to 32.4 million units due to significant drop in the shipments of 4G-enabled feature phones from Reliance Jio with 40.3 percent decline. The 2G feature phone segment also declined.

Who’s leading
Xiaomi share in India smartphone market Q2 2019


Xiaomi India’s smartphone shipment grew 4.8 percent. Xiaomi’s Redmi 6A and Redmi Note 7 Pro are the highest shipped smartphone models. Xiaomi has 46.5 percent share in the online channel. Xiaomi’s offline channel accounted for 39.5 percent of Xiaomi shipments.

Xiaomi lost its smartphone share to 28.3 percent in Q2 2019 vs 29.7 percent in Q2 2018 as it faced decline in demand for its smartphones in India.


Samsung has achieved 16.6 percent growth supported by Galaxy A series across low and mid-price segments.

Samsung’s Galaxy A10 and A2 Core were amongst the top five smartphone in India during the second quarter. Samsung has slashed the online retail price of Galaxy M smartphones in India. Samsung has 13.5 percent market share in the online channel.

Samsung’s smartphone share in India increased to 25.3 percent in second quarter from 23.9 percent due to strong demand for its smartphones from buyers.


Vivo achieved 31.6 percent growth in smartphone shipment. Vivo has increased its share to 15.1 percent in Q2 2019 from 12.6 percent in Q2 2018.

Oppo achieved 41 percent growth, because of the demand for affordable A series – A3s and newly launched A1K and A5s. Online channel accounted for 19.1 percent for Oppo — driven by online exclusive model K1.

Oppo’s India smartphone share increased to 9.7 percent from 7.6 percent.

Realme achieved multi-fold growth in the Indian smartphone market, driven by model C2 and 3/3Pro series. The vendor was second in the online channel with 16.5 percent market share. Realme’s offline channel accounted for 21 percent of its shipments.

Realme’s India smartphone share increased to 7.7 percent from 1.2 percent.