India telecom budget expectations of Research In Motion India MD

Telecom Lead India: The telecom sector has achieved a
significant momentum in India but still, there is plenty to achieve. We are
witnessing a huge surge in the smartphone space allowing consumers as well as
enterprises to reap in real benefits of mobility. This is where government can
play a vital role by re-considering the taxation module on mobile devices. This
would help in the penetration of smartphones and make it affordable reaching
out to larger section of the audience.

The growth of the country also lies in the upliftment of its core and in this
regard, we can refer it to tier III & IV markets not only metros, tier I
& II markets. It is high time for us to think hard and take concrete steps
in this direction where certain initiatives and reforms can boost the overall
state of the infrastructure e.g. Smartphone apps for farmers help in higher
crop yield, education initiative and financial inclusion in rural sector. This
would encourage the corporate fraternity to facilitate better communication
outreach and offer seamless connectivity and customized service offering across
all corners of our country.

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