Indian smartphone usage trends by Cisco

Telecom Lead India: A Cisco survey said 96 percent of Indian smartphone users check for updates as part of the morning routine.

70 percent of respondents compulsively check their smartphones for updates. Of those, 42 percent said they would feel anxious if they couldn’t check their smartphones and 71 percent wish they didn’t feel so compelled, but they like to stay connected.

In India, 84 percent of respondents use their smartphones in bed.

22 percent of Indian respondents admitted to using smartphones in the bathroom compared to the global average of 33 percent.

More than half of Indian respondents (56 percent) use smartphones to check email and social media during meals with friends and family compared to the global average of 46 percent.

In India, only 15 percent admit to texting while driving.

Nearly 84 percent of the Gen Y respondents in India said mobile applications are important to their daily lives compared to the global average of 70 percent.

More than half (62 percent) respondents from India said they mainly use mobile applications for games and entertainment, while 33 percent of them mainly use them for work.

In India, 64 percent percent of respondents use fewer than 10 smartphone apps regularly and 32 percent of respondents use 10 to 25 apps regularly.

Forty percent spend more time online with friends than socializing in person. In India, the number is above the global average and stands at 56 percent.

Two-thirds of global respondents said they spend an equal amount or more time socializing online with friends than they do in person. In India, this percentage is 83.

Four of five (81 percent) believe that people have different online and offline identities. In India, this number is slightly higher at 87 percent.

In India 41 percent of respondents said their company’s policy forbids them to use company-issued devices for non-work activities and 56 percent say they do not follow those rules all the time.

In India, 58 percent of IT professionals believe employees follow the rules.

In India, 84 percent of respondents shop online.

93 percent of respondents rely on customer reviews for online shopping.

Globally, 57 percent – almost 3 out of five- are willing to share their email address with stores and online sites in order to receive notices about discounts and sales.  In India, the number is significantly higher at 93 percent, but they are wary of sharing much more than that – few are willing to share phone numbers, home address or other personal data.

Almost 90 percent of respondents upload photos to share or store on internet sites. In India the number is slightly higher at 94 percent.

The Cisco findings are based on a survey conducted by InsightExpress of 1800 college students and young professionals aged 18 to 30 across 18 countries.

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