iPhone 14 Pro powers music video ETA from NewJeans

Apple announced its latest “Shot on iPhone” campaign, this time teaming up with the sensational K-pop girl group, NewJeans, hailing from South Korea. The campaign’s highlight is the release of the music video for NewJeans’ latest track, ‘ETA,’ shot entirely using the remarkable camera features of the iPhone 14 Pro.
ETA music video from NewJeans on iPhone 14 ProThe partnership builds upon the success of Apple’s previous “Shot on iPhone” campaigns, with the last one featuring the acclaimed short film “Life Is but a Dream,” directed by renowned Korean filmmaker Chan-wook Park.

NewJeans’ ‘ETA’ music video is a visual masterpiece that showcases the group’s captivating storyline, impressive dance performance, and cutting-edge fashion style, all captured flawlessly by the iPhone 14 Pro’s outstanding camera capabilities.

The music video commences with the infectious beats of ‘ETA,’ drawing viewers into the narrative as NewJeans performs at a vibrant house party. The plot unfolds when the group discovers their friend’s boyfriend engaging in suspicious behavior with another girl. Utilizing the power of their iPhones, the members of NewJeans discreetly capture videos of the boyfriend’s infidelity, which they then share with their devastated friend.

To capture the dynamic dance sequences, the production team made use of the Action mode on the iPhone 14 Pro. This feature ensures smooth video recording even when the camera is in motion, allowing the viewer to experience NewJeans’ powerful choreography in a thrilling and visually stunning way.

Additionally, the cinematography was elevated using the iPhone 14 Pro’s Cinematic mode, which provides depth and clarity to the footage, even in low-light settings. This enhancement beautifully portrayed the nighttime scenes in the music video.

Accompanying the release of the music video are 30-second and 15-second ads that provide behind-the-scenes footage of the production process. Viewers get a glimpse of director Woo-Seok Shin expertly filming with the iPhone 14 Pro in hand while keeping up with NewJeans’ energetic choreography. The ads also highlight the remarkable stabilization effects of the Action mode, illustrating how the iPhone’s cutting-edge technology contributes to the overall excellence of the final product.

Woo-Seok Shin, the director of the music video, shared his excitement about the project, saying, “For this project, we had to get every shot using iPhone 14 Pro. That’s why we started the creative process by exploring unique approaches that are only achievable with the iPhone. That was an interesting experience.”

Executive Producer Hee-Jin Min expressed the team’s dedication to providing a unique and entertaining experience for fans. She stated, “From the very beginning when we were brainstorming concept ideas for the ‘ETA’ music video, our goal was to provide a uniquely entertaining experience to our fans by taking a different approach to production. In collaboration with Apple, we collectively came up with the idea to shoot the official MV using iPhone — instead of the typical MV production process involving a clutter of heavy filming equipment, we opted for a lighter, more welcoming vibe using iPhone as the primary filming tool.”

The Apple and NewJeans collaboration not only celebrates the incredible talent of this rising K-pop girl group but also showcases the remarkable advancements in smartphone camera technology, solidifying the iPhone 14 Pro’s position as a game-changer in mobile cinematography. The “Shot on iPhone” campaign featuring NewJeans’ ‘ETA’ music video is set to captivate audiences worldwide and inspire future creatives to explore new possibilities in visual storytelling using cutting-edge technology.