Letv wins piracy suit over Xiaomi

LETV launch in China
Letv has recently won a piracy suit over Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi, which copied 11 of Letv’s movies and TV shows.

A district court that delivered the verdict on October 10 in favour of Letv sentenced Xiaomi to compensate Letv for the amount of 219,000 Yuan (Rs 22,36,040) in Beijing, China.

Xiaomi entered the Indian smartphone market last year. Letv will be looking at the Indian mobile phone market this year.

In June 2014, Letv sued Xiaomi for pirating more than 10 of its movies. In August 2015, Letv sued Xiaomi for pirating 16 Letv movies and TV dramas, and Xiaomi and its partnership companies were sentenced to compensate Letv 320,000 Yuan (Rs 32,67,274).

Letv takes on Xiaomi in phone market

Meanwhile, Letv and JD .com, an online company in China, may enter into a strategic cooperation to boost sales.
Letv claims that its phones — Le 1, Le 1Pro and Le Max — have outperformed competitors in their respective price ranges.

Le 1 phone has become the top seller among the price range $236 to $315 in China since its launch in April this year. Le Max has outperformed iPhone and Samsung in online high-end market since its launch in July.

Letv had 4.5 percent market share in less than 3 months after launching the phones. It sold more than 1 million units. Xiaomi, on the other hand, only sold 0.4 million units in its first year in 2011.

It is expected that the company could sell 10 million units next year, making Letv super phone a premier brand in China.

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