LG-Ericsson refines IP meeting clarity with HD conference phone


LG-Ericsson USA announced the latest in its line of iPECS products that put
pure IP communication to work for business: the iPECS ACT-50 Audio Conference

Designed to make conference calls clearer than face-to-face meetings, the
new ACT-50 Audio Conference terminal’s 16 integrated microphones ensure that
everyone’s input is communicated, and its four audiophile-quality speakers
ensure that it’s heard.

Designed to provide the best in sound quality for LG-Ericsson’s iPECS-LIK
pure IP telephony system, the iPECS ACT-50 conference terminal is available now
through LG-Ericsson USA’s certified and experienced resellers.

Using technology from world-leading audio developer Yamaha, the new ACT-50
Conference terminal delivers high-quality, high-reliability sound, utilizing 16
microphones and four speakers to ensure clear communication across as much as a
20-foot coverage area.

Features like a built-in audio mixer, multiple microphone modes, adaptive
echo cancellation and auto tracking ensure that conversations are clear, crisp
and understandable.

Designed for mission-critical business communications, the ACT-50 supports
multiple interfaces for easy integration into an iPECS pure IP telephony
environment and is as easy to install as it is easy to place and ACT-50 units
can even be daisy-chained for use in large or difficult spaces.

This system beats any conference terminal on the market: its 16 microphones
and four speakers trump the leaders’ three mic/single speaker systems,” said
Iain Kenney, director of Product Marketing, LG-Ericsson USA.

A full-featured business communications product family designed to enable
pure IP communications for demanding business applications, iPECS-LIK delivers
all of the functionality of a traditional PBX with the addition of
productivity-enhancing features like Unified Communications for conferencing
voice and video data collaboration, remote and roaming user support and
scalability to bring seamless communication to organizations ranging from a
small 10-user office to a 1000-user corporation, or specialty applications that
require advanced communication.

Built on a fully distributed architecture that grows with a company, the
iPECS-LIK system provides excellent performance with a traditional telephony
interface in either a centralized or a distributed network, providing the
flexibility to adapt to differing and even changing needs.
Customer-configurable, iPECS-LIK integrates communication-enhancing
applications over an IP network for truly unified communications, managed
through an intuitive, easy user interface.

And designed by seasoned communications technology veteran LG-Ericsson USA
and built on a proven platform, it enables even greater peace of mind with that
flexibility and scalability.

USA recently announced
the newest application for its voice platforms: iPECS IP Call Recording (IPCR).


to serve the needs of small to mid-sized businesses, the new iPECS IPCR
provides centralized voice communications management for local and remote
locations in an economical add-on application that can help improve business
efficiency and customer service.


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]