LG in pact with McAfee to offer enhanced security and mobile device management

and LG Electronics announced their partnership that will position LG to address
the mobile security challenges facing both enterprise and consumer segments.

plans to extend McAfee Mobile security technologies to its smartphones and
tablets that run on the Android platform, making LG one of the first mobile
manufacturers in the world to offer comprehensive security solutions for all
facets of the mobile experience.

and manageability are critical enablers for enterprises of all sizes,” said Ki
S. Kim, corporate vice president of Global Enterprise Solutions at LG

our partnership with McAfee, we will deliver essential, out-of-box capabilities
to millions of our smart mobile device users while addressing the security
concerns of our enterprise customers, especially those who already benefit from
McAfee-branded solutions,” Kim added.

part of the partnership, LG
smart devices will
support the latest McAfee mobile security technologies, enabling a host of
security solutions that defend against personal data loss, protects against
malware, manages enterprise devices, and enables connectivity to enterprise
computing environments.

solution will ensure that corporations can manage LG devices in accordance with
corporate security policy, enforce compliance via network access control, and
securely deliver mobile access to business applications. In addition, employees
as consumers can extend their brand affinity with LG into their workplace by
leveraging enterprise-ready LG mobile devices.

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