Maxx Mobile launches 15 handsets

Maxx Mobile has unveiled 15 handsets —  feature phones and smartphones — in India.

Maxx Mobile is currently not in the top 5 list of phone makers in India. The smartphone market is dominated by Samsung.

The new line up will cater to from teenagers to a working professional to a housewife.

MAXX Mobile purple

According to Maxx Mobile’s new strategies to gain market share, the range will have phones in the low budget feature phone to mid range smartphone for Indian users.

“With the rapid adoption of mobile phones, today Indian consumers have become more technologically aware. This has created a market with highly varied needs and preferences,” said Ajjay Agarwal, chairman and managing director of Maxx Mobile.

The Android phones are mid range smartphones starting from Rs 3,131 to Rs 6,500.

TAB722 _ Black

In the feature phone segment, the price of phones starts from Rs 1,050 to Rs 2,599.

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