Microsoft may launch LTE Windows phone with AT&T in 2012

Microsoft is planning to introduce the 4G LTE-enabled
Windows Phones in Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this month.

AT&T will release the first set of 4G LTE-enabled
Windows Phones in the United States. The first set includes three LTE-based
Windows Phone handsets including the Nokia ACE, HTC Radiant, and Samsung
Mendel, according to Paul Thurrott, SuperSite blog for Windows.

All three LTE-based Windows phone handsets will ship on
AT&T Wireless before the middle of 2012.

However, Thurrott expressed the uncertainty over
Microsoft’s WP7 Mango mobile operating system and LTE because the OS was
developed for low-end smartphones.

However, Microsoft is readying two new updates, codenamed
as Tango and Apollo, for its Windows Phone mobile platform and it would use
Apollo update in these LTE handsets.

US version of Nokia’s WP7 Lumia 710 handset, a non LTE
handset, codenamed Sword,” will also be arriving to the US in April 2012 on US
carrier Verizon Wireless.

Rival US carrier T-Mobile is already displaying the Nokia Lumia 710 on its
website with the words coming soon.” The low-cost Android competitor will be
the first Nokia-made WP7 smartphone to land in the US and is due to arrive in
stores on January 11 for $50 on a two-year contract.

Few days back, Microsoft’s Windows roadmap was leaked and
according to it Windows Phone 7 Tango, an update of Microsoft’s mobile OS, is
scheduled for Q2 2012.

The update is aimed to bring Windows Phone 7 (WP7) to
products with the best prices, which are probably lower-end and affordable

One of the Tango phones could be the Nokia
Champagne, with 7.10.8711 OS build. Microsoft Windows 7 Apollo update, focused
on superphones” and business”, is reportedly coming in Q4, according to the
leaked roadmap.

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