Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 8, aims to unify all screen Windows products

Telecom Lead America: Microsoft Corp has unveiled
Windows Phone 8 operating system (OS), which will be built on the same core as
its new upcoming PC and tablet operating system.


Being on the same core will allow the company to unify
its Windows franchise across a full range of screens that are revolutionizing


The new mobile platform features an improved start
screen with resizable and full-screen live tiles. In addition to the UI,
the platform will come along with Internet Explorer 10 that has features such
as an anti-phishing filter and improved HTML 5 support.


The company is competing with Apple’s iOS-based iPhone
and Google’s Android devices. At the launch, the company said the common core
means customers will have a greater choice of phones and applications, and be
able to switch between multiple machines more easily.


The new platform will offer an improved camera app with a
panoramic mode, self-timer, and Smart Group Shot. Furthermore, it will offer
integrated Nokia mapping technology including features such as
turn-by-turn navigation, public transportation schedules, and support for
offline maps.


Nokia, Samsung Electronics, HTC Corp and Huawei will
launch smartphones running on this latest OS powered by Qualcomm dual-core


All the upcoming devices will feature voice
commands, Skype calling, near-field communication (NFC) for wireless
transactions and built-in maps for GPS directions.


Microsoft has also added voice recognition feature in the
new OS that lets user to issue commands to apps, not just the phone’s core
operating system. Windows Phone 8 will also support in-app purchases and
enterprise-ready features.


 The Windows Phone 8 Wallet Hub offers credit card
information in one place to let user pay via NFC.  Also, the Wallet Hub
stores your loyalty cards, boarding passes and coupons.


Microsoft launches tablets to rival Apple iPad

Very recently, Microsoft has also launched Microsoft
Surface tablet, which is built on the new Window 8 operating system.


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