Mobile World Congress: Nokia CEO Elop chalks out three-pronged strategy

By Telecom Lead Team: Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has chalked out
a three-pronged strategy to retain and grow market share in mobile market.

During a keynote address, Elop provided insight into where
the company is focusing its efforts based around local awareness, location
services and monetizing the ecosystem.

Elop said attention on apps with global appeal would be driven by emerging
markets to become more locally focused. Location services based upon horizontal
platforms would also come to the forefront, together with enabling app
developers to take advantage from the monetization of the mobile ecosystem,
Elop said at a keynote session at Mobile World Congress.
The apps we see now, we believe, will shift to being more focused on
person-to-person (P2P) at a local awareness level. Emerging markets will be the
driver in this change, and the distribution of apps will be achieved by P2P
sharing. But we need to help with the creation of a sustainable app ecosystem,” said Elop.

Moving to location service, the Nokia CEO said that it would
look to contribute its technology to existing horizontal platforms. “We are
daily faced with three questions: what, who and where? The search engines
answer the first, social networks provide the second, and our goal is to
respond to the ‘where’ question. We can take our location platform much further
with, for example, augmented reality.”

Recognizing the importance of the app developer community, Elop said the
company aimed to make investments so that those closely involved with the
ecosystem could monetize their work, according to a report in.
We have provided billing systems to 150 operators in 40 countries, and app
developers using operator billing see a 5x increase in consumer purchasing as
against using credit cards. We have a clear approach to boosting this ecosystem
by enabling revenue sharing for operators and app developers,” Elop added.
Elop added that he wanted Nokia to be a disruptive force with the creation of a
third ecosystem, adding that shipments of the new Lumia handset were already
exceeding expectations in the US.

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