Mobile World Congress: Nokia, HTC, Foursquare discuss Windows phone future

By Telecom Lead Team: CEOs of Nokia, HTC and Foursquare
have debated what the future holds for Windows Phone, with all expressing
support for the platform.

What we’re seeing is a very, very steady growth and adoption,” said Stephen
Elop, Nokia’s CEO, who shocked the mobile industry a year ago by announcing a
tie-up with Microsoft to migrate Nokia’s smartphone portfolio to Windows Phone.
Nokia launched its latest Windows Phone device, the Lumia 610, at 
Mobile World Congress.

Elop said consumers have been responding well to the Windows Phone platform
allied to the Nokia hardware. They will look at it and say -wow, this is a
different point of view’. So our focus is getting those devices in people’s
hands,” he said.

The mobile phone chief said that operators are keen on the Nokia-Windows Phone

With the operators, we’re saying here is the next
generation of products and the generation after that and the ideas for the
future. As people see the whole context of what’s happening, they get very
enthusiastic,” Elop added.

Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, which produces phones running Windows Phone as well as
Android, said he believes Windows Phone has what it takes to catch up with
Android and iOS, as it provides a very good experience, according to a report

Of course over the last couple of years we get a little slower demand but with
the new Windows we are seeing a lot of positive signs. It will not be like
[Microsoft in] the PC market share, but I believe it will be a strong third
operating system,” Chou added.

Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley said there has been good feedback about Windows
Phone from users, adding that another strong ecosystem would be welcomed.

I think it’s good to have another player in the space. There are things you
can do on Android that you can’t do on iOS and if there’s someone else in there
that’s pushing the limits on what you can do with the hardware, and pushing the
limits of what you can do with the OS software that interfaces with that
hardware, that’s good for everyone,” Crowley said.

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