Mobile world congress: ZTE launches intuitive and customizable Android user interface

By Telecom Lead Team: ZTE has launched an intuitive new
user interface called Mifavor which provides clear Android handset
differentiation for ZTE smartphones.


Mifavor will deliver new user experience to ZTE’s new
range of Android smartphones. The new user interface will offer better user
experience that has been re-engineered, streamlining device interaction by
reducing the number of steps required to use the most common functions. It has
intuitive new functionality designed to make the smartphone experience more


Mifavor brings with it a range of on-screen widgets
including music player, time/weather report, month at a glance calendar and
task manager. Additionally, users can select important or regular contacts to
feature in an on-screen favorites widget.


We have analyzed how users interact with their
smartphones and redesigned the UI accordingly – from sophisticated
personalization techniques to simple but effective changes that the user will
benefit from but hopefully won’t even notice. A common complaint with some
Android devices is that calls are cut off as a result of unintentional contact
while in use,” said Kan Yulun, vice president and CTO of the Handset Division, ZTE.


With Mifavor we’ve moved the end call button to help
reduce the number of accidental hang-ups. Also, we know that not everyone has
the time to chase through calls and copy over contact numbers, so now if
someone is not in your address book, when a call ends you’re prompted to add
that number,” Yulun added.


Downloaded apps can be moved from the Android Market, and
the ZTE widgets from one screen to another, using one long tap to bring up a thumbnail
view of the device’s home views. The thumbnail view enables users to drag and
drop an app or widget to the preferred location.


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