Morpho unveils semi-automatic image annotation technology


Telecomlead Team:
Morpho, a provider of
software image processing solutions for mobile devices, today announced an
image annotation technology to semi-automatically tag meta-data to an image.


The technology developed by Morpho allows arbitrary tags
to be added to an image.


With this technology users can choose from multiple tags
automatically presented by the image or register a new tag. Tagging the images
makes organizing and finding easy. By repeatedly adding tags to an image, this
technology will self-learn the trend and eventually present a list of tags more
suited for the user.


Morpho is not only planning on delivering this technology
to smartphones and tablets, but also expanding it to cloud solution such as
image storage services. Because this technology supports various operating
systems including Android, it can be utilized in diverse platforms.


The company is showcasing the technology at Mobile World
Congress 2012.


Recently,  Ecrio,
a provider of LTE/4G communications client software, and Morpho announced their
agreement for integrating Morpho frame interpolation software as a Quality of
Experience (QoE) enhancement feature to the Ecrio Mobile Communications Client



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